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Immigrants Rights

All people — whether they’re immigrants or fifth-generation Iowans — deserve dignity and the opportunity to build a better life. All of us deserve to be paid for our hard work, send our kids to school and have our fundamental rights protected.

But not everyone believes in dignity and opportunity for all Iowans.

Every day, there are companies stealing immigrants’ wages, violating health and safety laws, and threatening undocumented workers with deportation to reap ever-larger profits. And, right-wing demagogues are using immigration to try to divide our communities with fear-mongering and intimidation.

We must fight this fear and abuse. At Iowa CCI, we believe diversity is a strength not a weakness. We believe that immigrants help build vibrant communities and a strong economy.

That’s why we’re fighting to help immigrants in our community gain control of their own lives, win back stolen wages, ensure they have safe places to work, and thrive without fear.

What We’ve Done

  • Fought for workplace safety and won back tens of thousands in stolen wages for workers.
  • Addressed local law enforcement issues.
  • Worked locally and nationally to fix our broken immigration system and improve educational opportunities.

Join the Fight

  • Contact us for more information. !Hablamos español!
  • Become a member (link)
  • Sign up for our email Action List (link)
  • Make a donation